Toll-free number for asylum seekers and refugees


Tel. 800 905 570

Address: Via dei Monti di Pietralata 16, 00157 Roma RM

ARCI - Italian Cultural Recreational Association

We are a large popular association: five thousand clubs, more than one million members. Women and men who have freely chosen to commit themselves to promote emancipation through self-organization and participation. We are inheritors of an ancient mutualistic tradition and of a long association history, that of the popular and anti-fascist movements that have contributed to building and consolidating Italian democracy based on the Constitution.

We believe in the freedom and dignity of every human being, in equality of rights and in social justice, respecting differences, in the rights of the Earth, in coexistence and in equality among peoples. We believe in the value of knowledge and cultures, in freedom of thought and expression. We believe in a nonviolent, welcoming and supportive society, secular and pluralist, capable of achieving coexistence and social cohesion. We believe that it is possible to assure all and all of wellbeing, to distribute resources equitably, to link the economy to respect for common goods, the environment, social rights and labor.

Our clubs work for the social and cultural animation of local communities, immersed in the changes that cross them; they are a laboratory of ideas and practices for change. They promote recreation and culture, good sociability, quality of human relations and lifestyles, culture and practice of rights, responsibility and active citizenship.

We make associationism to help and promote the collective action of citizens in the general interest. We work to promote the right to free associationism, voluntary work, the development of the third sector and the civil economy, subsidiarity and the full realization of participatory democracy. We have confidence in people, in their ability to contribute to a better future, where there is no more room for injustice that the world is full of today.


The toll-free number for asylum seekers and refugees  

Established by the UN General Assembly on December 14, 1950, the Agency has since helped more than 60 million people rebuild their lives. This is why they were awarded two Nobel Peace Prizes, the first in 1954, the second in 1981.

The mandate of the UNHCR is to guide and coordinate, at world level, the protection of refugees and the actions necessary to ensure their well-being. The Agency works to ensure that everyone can exercise the right to asylum and be received safely in another state. Together with governments, UNHCR helps refugees to return home, to be welcomed in the country where they found refuge or in a third country.

Within 72 hours of an emergency, UNHCR is able to mobilize more than 300 highly skilled operators worldwide, capable of bringing relief to more than 600,000 people. It supplies water, food, tents, medical and psychological assistance. Ensures access to education and training and income generating activities.