Welcome Map Rome

This map has the purpose to be an useful tool to guide migrants, asylum seekers and refugees who are in Rome. The map indicated the services, associations, social spaces that practice good reception, public services and places where people can find useful information. In this map we want to show another city: the welcoming and supportive one, which is opposed to the racist and securitarian city affected by the policies that are dismantling the protection and reception system, and making access to services increasingly difficult. This map aims to create a network among the actors present in the area and facilitate the work of operators, volunteers and activists. Made with the contribution of many, it is continuously updated. New versions will be printed periodically. For this reason we invite you to help us improve it, by sending reports and suggestions to: numeroverderifugiati@gmail.com 

The Italian platform

What happens when people arrive, by land or by sea, in Italy? What are the associations, institutional or social spaces and services they encounter? Who do they ask for information? What is difficult to find? There is an overland route, outlined by legal help desks, clinics, Italian language courses and dormitories, which draws a geography of solidarity; large and small associations that from Sicily, passing through Puglia and Campania, arrive in Trentino. They offer services, engaging in the protection of people seeking protection, helping to direct them towards inclusion and self-determination. JumaMap collects many of these experiences and aims, on the one hand, to create a network among the actors who practice good reception and who promote the protection of human rights; on the other, aims to orient migrants towards the closest dedicated service, related to their needs. JumaMap wants to be an open and participatory map, a tool available for everyone, and where associations, requesting an account, can manage their data independently.

Who we are

Arci is an independent association for social and civil promotion. With its 5,000 circles and more than 1,100,000 members, it forms a broad fabric of democratic participation. The Toll-free Number for Asylum seekers and Refugees - 800905570 (also reachable via Lycamobile: 3511376335) has been active for over 10 years, and offers a free assistance service and orientation to services throughout Italy, providing mediation in over 35 languages. The Toll-free number, together with JumaMap, is a national ARCI project carried out with the support of the UN Refugee Agency - UNHCR.

Médecins du Monde (MdM) is an international, secular and independent humanitarian association that for 40 years has been committed to promoting the universal right to health and access to health services for the weakest sections of the population in over 64 countries. MdM has been present in Italy since 2015 and to date operates in Calabria, Lazio and Sicily with a program that aims to protect the right to health of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees through collaboration between civil society associations and public health services, and training of sector operators to promote, improve and facilitate access to these services.

For the realization of this map we thank: Arci Roma, D.i.Re - Donne in Rete Contro la Violenza, Fish Onlus, Lunaria, Comunità di Sant’Egidio, Rete Scuolemigranti.